Clinical Science

Clinical Science Program

Clinical Sciences Curriculum:

  • Presents the opportunity to record a history, perform a physical examination and interpret the findings.
  • Teaches the students to act independently when correlating clinical relevance with the basic sciences.
  • Gives access to various areas of medical practice that students may be interested in while pursuing their career.

AAU has a robust curriculum that corresponds to real-world needs and has more than 35 clinical sites for clinical rotations. Our program prepares students for a successful medical career.

Clinical Sciences consist of core and elective rotations that allow students to apply their Basic Sciences knowledge to real-world situations. For the duration of semesters 6 through 10, Clinical Sciences provide students with the opportunity to interact with patients and hospital administrators at teaching hospitals throughout the United States, Canada, and India. Students have the chance to make a positive impression and to network with physicians and hospital administrators in order to improve their prospects for their residency applications.


AAU is a truly international, research-led university full of free thinking students. Our leading academics and comprehensive range of flexible undergraduate and postgraduate programs provide an excellent learning experience.

AAU offers a high-quality medical education that meets the integrates professional skills, career-focused education and hands-on practice, enabling students to develop and achieve their personal and career goals.

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