Best Medical Professions in the US

Medical Health Care is a profession that will always be required. There isn’t a day that everybody is absolutely healthy, without illness or complaint of health issues. Other occupations are centred around the economy but the medical profession is a basic need in the present world. Most of the highest-paying jobs are amongst the Health Care Careers in the US.


Healthcare professionals examine and ensure that patients and their five basic senses are functioning effectively, they can also help patients avert ailment, illness and injury and they can also identify, combat and treat illness. The medical profession is one of the most compassionate yet highly paid in the US.


The demand of dedicated healthcare professionals in the US is more than ever today and will continue to grow. Doctors are top priority for the generation today. Get your medical education (MD/MBBS degree in the US) with Alexander American University to start your medical journey in the US.


So what are the best medical professions in healthcare in the US?


Physicians and Surgeons


Physicians and surgeons identify and treat injuries, ailments or illnesses.


General roles and responsibilities of a Physician:


  • Examine patient and take down patient’s medical history

  • Prescribe needed medication

  • Order, conduct, analyse and interpret diagnostic tests

  • Recommend and design a plan of action with regard to treatment

  • Monitor patient’s response to medical treatment and when required revise the treatment plan

  • Maintain and update records regularly


General roles and responsibilities of a Surgeon:


  • Pre-Surgery – ensure safe and sterilized operating room

  • Surgery – perform operations on patients for treatments of various injuries, such as broken bones, wounds, tumours, deformities, etc.

  • Postoperative Care - removing any dressings, strappings, pads or materials used during the operation;  direct staff on any postoperative transportation and care requirements; communicate with family members about the progress of the surgery


Pay scale for Physicians and Surgeons:

  • Physicians and Surgeon pay scale range from about $156,000 to around $315,000 per year


Essential Qualities for Physicians and Surgeons:


  • Adept communication skills

  • Proficient leadership skills

  • Good physical stamina to endure long working hours

  • Good organizational skills

  • Patience to deal with patients and their families also the staff and faculty of the healthcare facility they work at

  • Compassion

  • Dexterity

  • Detail Oriented

  • Good problem solving skills


Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


An Obstetrician or Gynaecologist is a medical doctor who cares for women before, during and after childbirth.


General roles and responsibilities of an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist:


  • Collect, record and maintain patient information, such as medical histories, reports, examination results, etc.

  • Care for and treat women during prenatal, natal, and postnatal stages

  • Treat diseases of female organs

  • Prescribe and administer treatment and medical care to treat or prevent illness or injury

  • Perform caesarean sections and/or other surgical procedures needed to preserve patient’s health and deliver babies safely

  • Monitor patient’s condition and progress and change treatments if necessary


Pay Scale for Obstetrician and Gynaecologist:


  • Obstetrician and Gynaecologist pay scale range from about $150,000 to around $200,000 per year


Essential Qualities for Obstetrician and Gynaecologist:


  • Adept interpersonal skills

  • Be a team player

  • Showcase empathy and sensitivity while dealing with patients

  • Proficient problem solving skills

  • Adapt to various environments easily

  • Be trustworthy




Paediatricians are mainly concerned with the physical, psychological and social well-being of kids from infancy to young adulthood.


General roles and responsibilities of a Paediatrician:


  • Monitoring growth and development of children

  • Track and administer immunizations for children on schedule

  • Communicate and relate to children and parents

  • Provide treatment plans and explain in detail the treatment courses available

  • Monitor progress of the treatment plan and revise if required


Pay scale for Paediatricians:


  • Paediatricians pay scale range from about $175,000 to around $200,000 per year


Essential Qualities for Paediatricians:


  • Patience and calmness

  • Good organizational skill

  • Flexibility and Energetic

  • Emotionally Resilient

  • Active listener

  • Observant and Intuitive

  • Good communication skills




General roles and responsibilities of a Dentist:


  • Teaching patients about oral health care

  • Inspecting teeth and diagnosing patients dental conditions

  • Analysing treatment choices with patients and providing information on treatment plans

  • Carrying out agreed treatments

  • Handling and updating patient’s dental records


Pay scale for Dentists:


  • Dentists pay scale range from about $78,382 to around $231,726 per year


Essential Qualities for Dentists:


  • Comfortable with close person-to-person interaction

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Detail oriented

  • Trustworthy

  • Good communicator

  • Problem solving skills

  • Desire to learn


Nurse Practitioner


Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with added education. Nurse practitioners execute a lot of the same responsibilities as physicians.


General roles and responsibilities of a Nurse Practitioner:


  • Working directly with patients to examine and take down patient’s medical history

  • Identify and manage most common and many chronic ailments

  • Perform physical examinations

  • Order and interpret diagnostic tests

  • Write prescriptions when necessary

  • Provide counselling and education


Pay scale for Nurse Practitioner:


  • Nurse Practitioner pay scale range from about $68,245 to around $108,775 per year


Essential Qualities for Nurse Practitioner: