Alexander American University
School of Medicine

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Basic Sciences Curriculum:

The Basic Medical Science curriculum:

• Offers an in-depth program of the basic medical sciences.

• Presents the range of problems encountered by doctors and the range of solutions that have been developed for their recognition, investigation, prevention and treatment.

• Covers the principles of disease, therapy, ethical and legal issues relevant to the practice of medicine.

Medicine is not static. Every day new research uncovers a greater understanding of anatomical functions, diseases, and treatments. That’s why Alexander American University School Of Medicine (AAUSOM) provides its students with more than just essential medical knowledge: it teaches them to be lifelong learners. We take the material out of the lecture hall to create a fully immersive learning experience.

Basic Sciences lasts four semesters at our state-of-the-art campus in Antigua. Classes are enhanced with the latest educational technology, including Blackboard Learn™ and Echo360 Lecture Capture, allowing students to experience lectures long after they’re over. Students are provided with early hands-on clinical training at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, one of the most modern hospitals in the Caribbean, and at our on-campus simulation center and high-tech labs, such as the clinical skills and anatomy labs.